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are absolutely for free and youth-friendly.
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The 3D Power Tower
will never be complete.

It will be upgraded forever.
German view

For Blender-programmers
and all, who want to become it.

For every update of the 3D PowerTower the 3D_PowerTower.blend will be updated too, which you can download here.
Take notice that the tower is created with the Blender-version 2.25.
You need also the 3D Power Tower at your computer, because the 3D_PowerTower.blend contact the sub-folder TOWER/Prefs.

The 3D_PowerTower.blend can just be edited and runned with Blender 2.25.
If you are interested, you can download Blender 2.25 and the key_dat.htm here.
User of Windows Vista should read the post in the 3D Power Tower-forum: Probleme unter Vista (problems with Windows Vista).

Every Blender-interested is invited to help to design the tower.
3D visualisation is enjoyable and can be a hobby of a pensioner too.
Take notice, that the3D Power Tower shall stay youth-friendly.

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The 3D-skyscraper, interactive accessible. A advertising medium for your produkts. A 3D-room to present your advertising in the web. The exciting 3D-advertisement-place for your service with internet-contact.