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 For the permanent memory of the WTC of NYC
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The 3D Power Tower
will never be complete.

It will be upgraded forever.
German view
Thanks for the aid for the embodiment of the tower
The 12 year old Scoobydoo from Switzerland has created the 3d design of the new beamer.
Thanks and keep it up Scoobydoo.
The great python-expert Doc Holliday has developed a python script with that I could realized the display at the lobby.
Thanks Doc
Don't forget pat, ( has helped me often ) who helps asking users in the German Blender-forum exemplary and qualified. He operate the forum with his moderation-colleagues professional. Thanks to all forum users not least by reason of the enjoyable climate and the friendly conversation.
The 14 year old Blue from Hamm NRW designs the ambiance of the model speedway in the 2nd floor of the tower.
That helps me a lot.
Thank you very much Blue
I am much obliged Aquila from the German Blender forum for his mathematic formulas with that I could perfect the Doppler effect at the speedway. Thank you very much Aquila.
You are a great mathematician.

The Doppler effect is the change in frequency as perceived by an observer when a car moves.
You can hear it near to car sirens.
I am glad, that I have found in Alex a very committed associate. He had translated the tutorial and he is an administrator with big know-how the forum of the 3D Power Tower.
With the English version of the tutorial could we help our friends in the English Blender forum
Thanks Alex.

The 3D-skyscraper, interactive accessible. A advertising medium for your produkts. A 3D-room to present your advertising in the web. The exciting 3D-advertisement-place for your service with internet-contact.