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The 3D Power Tower
will never be complete.

It will be upgraded forever.
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Click on the download link at the bottom of this Site.
Select RUN to Install the Program or SAVE if you would first like to save it to your Hard disk
If you selected RUN Install Program will auto start
If you selected SAVE you will have to double click the Download file

If you already have an old Version of 3DPowerTower it will automatically be overwritten.

3D Power Tower is now installed at C:\TOWER and a Shortcut has been created on you desktop
Double Click the shortcut to start 3DPowerTower
It can take up to 1 Minute until the Program is total up and you can start walking around.


OS: Windows 98 or newer
RAM: 512 Mb
Video Card: 128 Mb min.
Display: 1024 x 768 at 32bit


Whit your Mouse over the Runtime window:
-Look around: Hold left Mouse button down and move your mouse
-Move forward: Hold right mouse button down
-Move backwards: Hold middle mouse button down
-Walk faster: Keep the Space-Key pressed
-Zoom: Q-Key
-Quit: ESC-Key

Rest of the controls will be explained as you play.

Note: the crosshair will activate different things if it's moved over some objects and picture.


English   DOWNLOAD or UPDATE    (isn't different)
The latest version available since Juni 27, 2010 - 12:30

have fun with it.

The 3D-skyscraper, interactive accessible. A advertising medium for your produkts. A 3D-room to present your advertising in the web. The exciting 3D-advertisement-place for your service with internet-contact.