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The 3D Power Tower
will never be complete.

It will be upgraded forever.
German view

The 3D Power Tower is a virtual skyskraper with 66 floors
which is interactive walkable and which has an internet and database connection.
It shall include all, what a normal city presents.
The 3D Power Tower is created with the free 3d-tool Blender 2.25.
After my imagination the 3D Power Tower shall become a project,
where all Blender-users can present and impart their knowledge.

This website ist optimized for the text size medium
and a screen size of 800x600 pixel.

By the connection with a database the 3d skyscraper develop
to one of the most extensive 3d rooms and it is the first 3d application
made with Blender which is 100% interactive.
The 3D Power Tower can be started with or without internet.
You can register and you can use vantages of the database
or you can visit the tower as a guest.
The difference is that guests cannot see other visitors.
At the information-bar at the top border you can see how you can quit the tower,
how much registered users and guests are online and how much users are registered.
You can send other visitors messages with up to 35 lines per message.
Visitors with test in their name cannot answer, because they are my test-persons.
The messages see just the visitor whom you send the message.

You can delete your account, because the tower is liberal.
For the registration is just necessary an imaginary nickname
and a password of personal choise.

After the download
double-click the new icon at your dektop.
Then you can register, log in as a registered user
or as a guest or you can stay offline.
The login-program must be opened,
because else you have not a connection with the internet.
The login-window will be minimized when you start the 3d room.

All windows will be closed
when you quit the 3D Power Tower with the Esc-button.

If you want to visit the newest version you must update ( click DOWNLOAD ).
Always an update is profitable because nearly every day is something new in the tower.

The start of the 3d room takes about 30 to 60 seconds depending on performance.

The conrol:

The control occurs with the 3-button-mouse.
The coursor over the 3d room and press the left mouse button
and then press the right or middle mouse button or move the mouse.
Other things work automatically if you are near enough at the object.
The crosslines in the middle are like a pointer
and activate self-explanatory actions at objects or pictures.


Operating system Windows 98 or newer.
(Linux is possible, but I don't find a Linux-expert who wants to cooperate with me.)
Recommended screen-size 1024 x 768 Pixel or more.
Color depth 32 bit.
Random access memory 512 MB min.
Graphics card minimum GeForce 4 ti 4200 AGP 8x if possible 128 MB graphics memory.
( is at the moment not enough, but it can be changed
after the next optimization )
If possible not any other applications in the background.
( by reason of the system load )

If it is judder with good graphics card, you can shut down your computer, wait a few seconds, and start your computer.
Then is your graphics memory again ok.
That is recommended, if you have done other tasks before.
A good trick is to switch to 16 bit color depth.
Then are some colors not to see, but it is not anymore judder.

Have fun!
Yours faithfully, 3D Power Tower / dieter1a

( as said, it is built. Day after day. )

The 3D-skyscraper, interactive accessible. A advertising medium for your produkts. A 3D-room to present your advertising in the web. The exciting 3D-advertisement-place for your service with internet-contact.