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Tutorial of "Blender runtime use with the Internet"

In order from one with Blender created 3d room conect with the Internet,
that use text-files to mediate between the Internet and 3d room.

Anyone who is interested can DOWNLOAD
a RAR-file which includes all what the tool needs.

At first unpack the file preferably to C:\ and you can see the following folder structure.

In the main folder Anwendungs_Beispiel is the communicating-tool Game_Demo.exe, provided with Director, and a sub-folder Prefs.

You can rename the file Game_Demo.exe any time.

Add a link to Game_Demo.exe on the Desktop, with which the 3d room can be started.

In the folder Prefs is all, what the tool need.

There is a picture with the masses of 240x180 pixels. The tool presents itself with this picture on the monitor.
This picture can be exchanged any time, but the name and the masses must be the same.
The Blender-file Demo.exe is the real 3d room.
The text file new.txt is not needed at the moment and uses later to pass special browser informations.
Leave the file unaffected!
From the file game.txt the tool gets the name of the opening 3d room. In this case demo.exe.

If you want to open a web page at the same time in the background, you can write the URL in the text file std.txt.
In this case it is

The most important text file is order.txt.

That, what is written there, runs the tool. It can be the URL of an Internet radio station or another URL.

The tool opens the standard browser.

If the 3d room shall end, in our case the Esc key is used.
For this is the python script responsible.

If the 3d room is provided with Blender 2.25, the text file will opened to write with the command open().
Higher Blender versions use the command file().

In our case game_ende will be written in the file order.txt, after that the tool ends.
After 2 seconds the 3d room deletes the content of the file and than the 3d room ends.

The deletion of contents is very important, because the tool ends after start.

If an Internet page shall be started from the 3d room, open the file order.txt (see above) and write e.g.

A special feature is to note:
If you start the writing command with key-click or mouse-click, it must be garanteed that the key is released.
Else the tool is uncontrolled.
It is the same behavior, if you respond the Internet Explorer with Java Script.

If you want to swap the icon of the file Game_Demo.exe, you can do that with this tool DOWNLOAD,
but if you swap the icon of a Blender.exe, the file will be unuseable.

If you want to ask questions, you can contact me here,
in my forum
or in the german Blender-forum in the thread of the web kit

Have fun!
Yours sincerely
dieter1a (Webmaster)

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