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The 3D Power Tower
will never be complete.

It will be upgraded forever.
German view
This website ist optimized for the text size
medium and a screen size of 800x600 pixel.

In the with Blender created 3D Power Tower shall Evergreens be what you can find in a modern city.

Producer, provider of services, stores, tourist
offices, pharmacies, banks etc. shall can be visited 3-dimensional
at 66 floors in their rooms.

The feature of this room is the possibility to correspond with all tower user without quit the 3D Power Tower.
Because the 3D Power Tower is connected with a database, the possibilities are now boundless.
You can see now all visitors move through the skyscraper.
Also you can send messages with up to 35 lines per message to other visitors.

Companies, which want to present offers in own 3d-rooms
or which want a poster advertising with a link in the tower, can contact the

For the content of the linked pages is the respective licensee liable.
The 3D Power Tower reserves
to delete links and 3d-rooms which are not consistent
with the German laws specially the protection
of minors without reasons.

Yours faithfully, dieter1a

The 3D-skyscraper, interactive accessible. A advertising medium for your produkts. A 3D-room to present your advertising in the web. The exciting 3D-advertisement-place for your service with internet-contact.